About Eshtapay

Eshtapay is the most versatile payments platform in Egypt, with a retail network of more than 12,000 points of sales offering cash payments through either unattended self-service kiosk terminals or mobile terminals.

Our network of independent agents covers all 27 governorates of Egypt, offering various payments options to 98 million Egyptians.

Eshtapay is cash based, as there are only 8 million bank accounts and only 6 million cards in the country. Since the Egyptian economy is mainly unbanked and therefore mainly cash based, Eshtapay is able to instantly connect customers with sellers without relying on cards in particular and the banking system in general. Eshtapay only needs 3G coverage: if there is mobile signal, there is an Eshtapay agent around.

Eshtapay has twice the number of points of sales than ATMs in Egypt, is much cheaper than any alternative method, and payments are real-time.

This is Eshtapay!